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Tips on Choosing a Good Envelope

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Tips on Choosing a Good Envelope

For various official to non-official purposes, envelopes are a key requisite. So, if you want envelopes in bulk or want to buy paper and matching envelopes then here’s a small guide for you that will help you understand envelopes better.
There are various sizes and shapes in which envelopes are made.
Envelopes are basically divided into two types namely pocket and wallet envelopes. A pocket envelope opens on the shorter edge, while wallets open on the long edge. The dimension of an envelope is stated as Depth X Width. The width of the envelope is the seal flap side and it is mentioned second. As an example, if the dimensions of an envelope are mentioned as 220 x 110 mm then this indicates a pocket envelope with the flap opening on the short side. On the other hand if it is mentioned as 110 x 220 mm, then this denotes a wallet envelope. In practice it is not a widely known rule and care must be taken to ensure you receive the envelope style you need.
The most widely used envelope sold in Australia is a DL 110 x 220 which is used for A4 paper folded in thirds.
The gummed flap envelopes generally called “lick n Stick” need to be moistened  to seal them . These can be sealed by hand or using automatic machines for large quantities. The shelf-life of these envelopes is usually up to 1 year, but environmental factor such as temperature and humidity are a big factor.

Store your envelopes in an airtight moisture proof box and they will last much longer.

The Peel and Seal envelopes have one strip of release paper over the glue line. Once this is removed, closing the flap will seal it.  The shelf life of Peel and seal envelopes is much longer and it is popular for use on envelopes without a high turnaround.

The self-seal flap envelopes have a couple of lines of natural latex and are sealed when there is a contact (Without the need to moisten it). Their shelf-life is up to 6 months.

For most projects sourcing the right envelope should be done first.  I often have customers looking for odd size envelopes for jobs that have already been printed only to find the size or style they need doesn’t exist.  That can be a costly mistake.

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